Friday, June 19, 2009

Rivet Hole Punch Set

The Hole Punch and Mat used with the Zutter Setter and Hammer set makes punching holes ANYWHERE in your project easy AND compact.

Note:Punch through paper, chipboard, clipboard wood, even fabric covered chipboard and leather!

Price: BN$16.90


Durable granite slab, perfect for setting rivets. Small enough to take everywhere. Use with the Zutter Rivet Setter and Hammer.

Price: $38.00


This tool is the perfect page cutter. The Dreamkuts has two slots that allow you to cut over 100 different page sizes. The back slot is adjustable (depending on the size of your paper) and will make one center cut. The front slot (fixed at 12'') will cut your paper into thirds!

Note: The Dreamkuts will cut up to one or two sheets of cardstock at a time. It will NOT cut chipboard.

Price: BN$215.00

Rivet Setter Set

These handy, small tools make setting rivets easy and compact. For best results, use with the Pound-it-All.

Price: BN$22.90