Monday, May 25, 2009

Round-It All Pink

The Zutter Round-it-All: Heavy Duty Corner Rounder comes with a lifetime warranty and rounds almost anything and everything up to 1/8'' material thickness. Round chipboard, tin, clipboard, leather and acrylic.

Price: BN$44.50

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hot Off The Press

Create amazing designs using this easy to use templates. Each template has gridlines for precise measuring. Perfect for scrapbooking pages or cardmaking.

Fold-Back Swirls
Fold-It Flips

Fold-It Ribbon Swirls

Fold-It Swirls

Price: BN$16.50 each

Paper Frills from Doodlebug

No more fussing with decorative scissors to create a perfect border. Paper Frills are precision die-cut from sturdy cardstock and are ready to use. Each reusable, plastic spool features a clear plastic clip to keep trim from unraveling and getting damaged. There are two 1-yard cuts per spool, eight spools per package. That is 16 yards altogether!!!!



Price: BN$32.90

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flock from Doodlebug

Add a soft texture to cards and scrapbook pages. Simply use glue pen or double sided tape then sprinkle with Crushed Velvet flock and shake off the excess to create a custom velvety look in minutes.
Size: 1.5oz

Crushed Velvet Tangerine Flock

Crushed Velvet Swimming Pool Flock

Crushed Velvet Limeade Flock

Crushed Velvet Lily White Flock

Crushed Velvet Lilac Flock

Crushed Velvet Ladybug Flock

Crushed Velvet Cupcake Flock

Crushed Velvet Bumblebee Flock

Crushed Velvet Bubblegum Flock

Crushed Velvet Bon Bon Flock

Crushed Velvet Blue Jean Flock
Crushed Velvet Beetle Black Flock

Tool Kit

This tool kit comes with a craft knife with refills, mini scissors, wire cutters, pliers, bone folder, stainless steel ruler, measuring tape, paper piercer, 2 sewing needles and a ball point pen - all stored in a heavy-duty nylon pouch.

Tool Kit
Price: BN$52.90

Glue Glider

This Glue Glider Pro allows you to apply a neat 1/4" strip of adhesive exactly where you want it. No mess, no fuss.

Glue Glider Pro Adhesive Runner Price: BN$34.50

Glue Glider Pro Repositionable Refill CartridgePrice: BN$22.50

Bag-a-Bind Tote

Perfect to carry your zutter anywhere for crop session with friends and scrappers alike!
(Items in the picture are not included.)

Price: BN$55.00


The opposite of stencils - masks block shapes and letters and allow the surrounding area to be embellished. Use with inks, chalks, paint and other mediums.
Price: BN$15.90






Price: BN$12.90 each pack except Alphabet

Grungeboard Shape

A compressed, flexible sheet of dingy material with a debossed texture that can be painted, inked, sanded, hammered, die-cut or grunged.
What's included: 176 shapes

Shape Swirl
Shape Stripe

Shape Harlequin

Shape Dot

Price: BN$30.00


A compressed, flexible sheet of dingy material with a debossed texture that can be painted, inked, sanded, hammered, die-cut or grunged.
What's included: 10 sheets in each pack

Basic Swirl
Basic Stripe

Basic Plain

Basic Harlequin

Basic Dot

Price: BN$30.90 each pack

Hot Off The Press Giant Card Templates

This versatile template makes it easy to create an oversized flower-shaped card that's easy to cut out. Simply trace the flower shape onto a piece of 12"x12" paper, then cut and fold to create a delightful 6 1/4"-wide card. For more details on this product, please visit this website:

Giant Star Card 12" by 12"
Giant Spiral Card 12" by 12"
Giant Fold-It Card 12" by 12"
Giant Flower Card 12" by 12"

Price: BN$46.90

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bazzill In Stitch'z Border Templates

By using a simple needle you can follow an easy-to-use template and add embroidery to nearly any paper project. It is very simple! Each package contains four 12” x 1.5” reusable templates filled with easy-to-follow stitching designs for adding a personal touch to any scrapbooking layout or greeting card.

Surprise Party Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")
Totally Boy Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")
Girly Girl Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")
Family Ties Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")

Glamour Girl Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")

Circles Bazzill in Stitch'z (8" by 8")

Favourite Things Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")

Formal Flourishes Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")
Silly Stitches Bazzill in Stitch'z (12" by 1.5")
Edgy Borders Bazzill in Stitch'z (12" by 1.5"/)
Bring Me Flowers Bazzill in Stitch'z (3" by 4")
Price: BN$46.50

For more details on this product:
Please visit,